Moegi | dinner course

Moegi | dinner course

Moegi course

Enjoy spiny lobster dishes along with seasonal menus our chefs create.
Moegi course includes our popular fresh spiny lobster sashimi. You can choose between spiny lobster stake or spiny lobster grilled with seasonal sauce.


Spiny lobster stake

Spiny lobster creamy croquettes

Also have a choice between Fried spiny lobster in shell or spiny lobster creamy croquettes.

  • Aperitif
  • Hors d`oeuvre
  • Fresh spiny lobster sashimi
  • Fried spiny lobster in shell or spiny lobster creamy croquettes
  • Chef’s seasonal dish
  • Spiny lobster miso soup
  • Refreshing ice cream
  • Colorful fresh vegetable salad
  • Spiny lobster stake or grilled spiny lobster with seasoned sauce
  • Rice in (tea) broth with seaweed, pickled vegetables
  • Dessert
  • After meal aroma (coffee)

*Image of spiny lobster salad is two people portions.
*Dinner courses are served minimum two orders at a table.

¥11,000(¥12,100 including tax)

*10% service fee will be added to your bills.
*Menu and price may change. Please contact for latest information.