Sansan | dinner course

Sansan | dinner course

Sansan course

Sansan course is available for each pair of customers at a table.
Enjoy the taste of lobster prepared in creative ways.

Horakuyaki (steam grilled) lobster

Sansan course is served every two orders at a table.

  • Aperitif
  • Seasonal appetizer
  • Fresh lobster sashimi
  • Colorful fresh vegetables salad
  • Sake-steamed lobster
  • Spiny lobster miso soup in daimyo bowl
  • Refreshing ice cream
  • Grilled lobster or horakuyaki (steam grilled) lobster
  • Parboiled lobster with green tea on rice, pickled vegetables
  • Dessert
  • After meal aroma (coffee)

*Images of spiny lobster sashimi is two people portion.

¥14,000/person (¥15,400 including tax)

*10% service fee will be added to your bills.
*Menu and price may change. Please contact for latest information.