Takarabune | dinner course

Takarabune | dinner course

Takarabune course

Chunagon’s recommendation!
Enjoy tender spiny lobster to your heart’s content. Choose grilled spiny lobster dish between odoriyaki-style and Horakuyaki-style.

Horakuyaki (steam grilled) lobster

Spiny lobster sushi

Spiny lobster sushi may be ordered instead of rice in (tea) broth with marbled spiny lobster and pickled vegetables.

  • Aperitif
  • Seasonal appetizer
  • Specially selected fresh spiny lobster sashimi
  • Surprise Hassun
  • Spiny lobster steamed in sake
  • Spiny lobster miso soup
  • Refreshing ice cream
  • Grilled spiny lobster, Odoriyaki style or Horakuyaki style
  • Rice in (tea) broth with marbled spiny lobster, pickled vegetables or spiny lobster sushi
  • Dessert
  • After meal aroma (coffee)

*Images of spiny lobster sashimi and salad are two people portions.
*Dinner courses are served minimum two orders at a table.

¥23,000 (¥25,300 including tax)

*10% service fee will be added to your bills.
*Menu and price may change. Please contact for latest information.